Milton Transit routes consist of conventional bus routes, evening drop-off services, a school special service and community bus services.

Regular routesEdit

Route Direction Terminus Service Periods
1 Steeles/Martin NB High Point & Park Hill Monday to Friday
SB Milton GO Station
2 Main EB Milton Crossroads Centre Monday to Friday
WB Commercial & Heslop
3 Trudeau NB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
SB Beaty Library
4 Thompson/Clark NB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
SB Fourth & Louis St. Laurent
5 Yates NB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
SB Philbrook & Hepburn
6 Scott NB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
SB Savoline & Pringle
7 Harrison EB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
WB Dymott & Savoline
8 Willmott EB Milton GO Station Monday to Friday
WB Milton Sports Centre

Evening drop-offEdit

Passengers arriving at Milton GO Station from the last Milton line GO train may connect to one of three evening drop-off services, split into three different zones of the town. The bus driver will create a route based on the drop-off requests received from all passengers.

Route Zone Zone Boundaries
30 West Zone Drop-off Milton East Given Lane, Main Street West Bronte Street Louis St. Laurent Avenue Tremaine Road
31 Central Zone Drop-off Milton Central Steeles Avenue Thompson Road Louis St. Laurent Avenue Bronte Street
32 East Zone Drop-off Milton West Steeles Avenue James Snow Parkway Louis St. Laurent Avenue Thompson Road

School specialsEdit

A school special service operates during the school year for high school students.

Route Direction Terminus Service Periods
52 School Special NB Milton GO Station Schooldays
SB Milton District High School

Community bus routesEdit

Commmunity bus routes are designed to serve seniors and individuals with limited mobility.

Route Service Periods
Blue Route Monday to Friday
Green Route Monday to Friday

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