Calgary Transit (Train & Bus Routes) Edit

Calgary Transit has progressed through the years, with a total of 192+ C-Train Cars and hundreds and hundreds of busses driving daily, making calgary transit one of the most active transit lines in Canada.
Keep in mind this page will be under development over the next few weeks, so routes will be added on continously, the fleet will be determined, but there will be a fleet section telling people of all the busses and trains there are.

Bus Routes

Calgary Bus Route Route #
Bowness/Forest Lawn 1
Mt. Pleasant/Killinary 17 Av 2
Sandstone/Elbow Drive South/North 3
Huntington (Clockwise) 4
North Haven (Clockwise) 5
Killinary 26 Ave (East/West) 6
Marda Loop (North/South) 7
North Pointe/Brentwood 8
Dalhousie/Foothills Medical Centre 9
Cityhall/South Centre 10


C-Train Route C-Train Line
Saddletowne / 69th Street (SE/NE) Blue Line
Somerset/Bridlewood / Tuscany (SW/NW) Red Line
Recently approved C-Train line, to expand

calgary's mass transit to areas it didnt cover before.

Green Line