Port Perry-Whitby
Municipalities Served Whitby
Service Period Daily
Sister Routes 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96, 98

81 Port Perry-Whitby, otherwise known as the Beaverton Highway 12 Train Meet Service, is a GO Transit bus route in Ontario, Canada.

The route serves to connect the communities in Brock and Scugog to trains on the Lakeshore East line at Whitby GO Station in Whitby for further travel westward towards Toronto.

This route operates primarily on Highway 12.


The 81 Port Perry route connects the Brock community of Beaverton at Simcoe Street and Mara Road to Whitby GO Station, making stops at the Brock communities of Cannington at Cameron Street and Ann Street and Sunderland at Albert Street and River Street, the Scugog communities of Greenbank at Highway 12 and Cragg Road and Port Perry at Curt Street and Water Street, and the Whitby community of Myrtle at Highway 12 and Myrtle Road.


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