Municipalities Served Newmarket
East Gwillimbury
Bradford West Gwillimbury
Service Period Daily
Sister Routes 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67

68 Barrie-Newmarket, otherwise known as the Barrie Yonge Street Service, is a GO Transit bus route in Ontario, Canada.

The route serves as a train-bus service of the portion of the Barrie line from Bradford GO Station to Allandale Waterfront GO Station during off-peak and counter-peak hours when the train line is out of service.

Additionally, the route serves to connect communities out of reach from the train line, connecting Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford West Gwillimbury, and the community of Holland Landing in East Gwillimbury to Newmarket.

For further travel southward towards downtown Toronto, the route connects to trains on the Barrie line at Bradford GO Station in Bradford West Gwillimbury when the train line is in service. When the train line is out of service, the route connects instead to route 65 buses at the Newmarket Bus Terminal in Newmarket.

This route operates primarily on Yonge Street.


The 68 Barrie-Newmarket route is a train-bus service, providing off-peak and counter-peak service as a replacement of the Barrie line from Allandale Waterfront GO Station to Bradford GO Station.

The route operates from the Barrie Bus Terminal to the Newmarket Bus Terminal, making stops at Allandale Waterfront GO Station, Barrie South GO Station, the communities of Stroud at Highway 11 and Victoria Street and Churchill at Highway 11 and Killarney Beach Road in Innisfil, Bradford GO Station and the community of Holland Landing at Yonge Street and Mount Albert Road in East Gwillimbury.


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