Route Structure

16 Hamilton-Toronto Express is operated by GO Transit in branches as follows:

Stop Fare Zone Route Number
Hamilton GO
Hunter & James
Union Station Bus Terminal


Eastbound to Union StationEdit

From Hamilton GO, the bus travels:

  • north 0.4 km on John Street to King Street
  • west 2.1 km on King Street to Highway 403
  • east 31.7 km on Highway 403 to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)
  • continuing east 18.4 km on the QEW to Highway 427
  • continuing east 14.7 km on the Gardiner Expressway to York Street
  • east 0.2 km on Harbour Street to Bay Street
  • north 0.4 km on Bay Street, terminating at Union Station Bus Terminal

Westbound to Hamilton GOEdit

From Union Station Bus Terminal, the bus travels:

  • south 0.2 km on Yonge Street to Lake Shore Boulevard
  • west 0.5 km on Lake Shore Boulevard to York Street
  • west 13.6 km on the Gardiner Expressway to Highway 427
  • continuing west 39.3 km on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) to Highway 403
  • west 13.1 km on Highway 403 to Main Street, exit 69A
  • east 3.2 km on Main Street to James Street
  • south 0.3 km on James Street, terminating at Hamilton GO

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